1pcs/lot X-Coarse bit and Bullet barrel bit Tungsten Steel carbide

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Flute Size: 7.0mm Overall Length: 43mm Shank: 3/32″(2.35mm) NOTES: 1.Check nail bits before use. 2.Always wear eye-protective safety glasses. 3.For professional use only. 4.Do not use if it is dropped. 5.Keep out of reach of children. 6.Disinfect nail bits after use. Package include:order+Gift. 

>> Higher Hardness

High quality imported New Tungten Carbide Steel material,higher hardness, longer lifespan, better polishing performance than ordinary high speed steel.

>> Easy To Clean and Disinfect Wash the drill bit through clean water directly, then you can simply disinfect the bit through medicinal alcohol. It’s so convenient, efficient and time-saving for your manicure.

>> Great Antibacterial Feature

Great antibacterial feature, can inhibit and kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

>> Best Universality 2.35mm (3/32 inch) shank diameter, our bits fit for most electric manicure machines on the market.


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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in


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