1 pcs New Pumice Stone Brush Massage Health Care Pumice Ston

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Use Foot stone surfaces: use:
1. This product is soaked with water.
2. suitable temperature, 5 to 8 minutes.
3. repeated friction, Qingcuo foot.
4. foot massage acupuncture points and reflex zones.
Precautions :
1. This product shall be someone special, to prevent cross-infection.
2. Regularly clean and maintain hygiene

It can produce treatment and prevention of foot calluses, foot, athlete’s foot,
especially for foot rough skin, chapped, peeling effect in patients significantly.
Often repeated rubbing with, but also play on the foot massage acupuncture points,
thus accelerating the microcirculation, adjust blood pressure, improve sleep, relieve fatigue,
promote human metabolism, the efficacy of the treatment and prevention play the disease.


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